Career Coaching

Make the Right Next Move

Your next career move will cause a chain reaction. Understanding which direction is best for your balance of strengths, skills and interests will make your next position far more fulfilling. If you’re happy, you’re more productive and effective, and you’ll progress faster in the company. That leads directly to greater success and higher earning potential. The wrong move often leads to frustration, discontentment and stunted career growth.

Accelerate Your Career Growth

Using more than 20 years of career coaching experience, I’ll help you to find a realistic path to success. I’ve helped hundreds of professionals—from senior executives to young professionals—with a fast, affordable process to:

  • Make smart choices to make your career more rewarding and successful
  • Side-step whatever is blocking you path to the next level
  • Find more clarity and confidence about your natural strengths, interests, and values—and where they fit
  • Make a real contribution by using your talents to their fullest
  • Take your career, and your salary, to the next level

“Leslie is generous with her knowledge and empowering with her words. She is practical and engaged, present and productive. My time with her was like sticking my self-doubt and fears in a light socket and having all that get illuminated and transformed with encouragement! It was not without the electricity of honest feedback required to execute my dream…reality is always the obstacle for me. After an hour with Leslie, I feel charged up and focused in a way that creates forward movement toward my vision. I feel ready for action where previously, I’d dragged my feet in overwhelm and fear of my own dream! Thank you Leslie!”

The Best Approach

Throwing resumes out on the internet is not going to get you there. Computerized services that funnel you into a software program and spit out a lot of names like a dating service don’t really leverage your strengths in order to help you to make a great move. I use a unique four point assessment process that’s far more accurate because it involves experienced judgment—something you won’t get from a computer. It’s a powerful combination of the best of behavioral science, business management theory, academic research, Oxford training and many years of real world business experience.

I focus on the key elements of finding the best next opportunity for you:

  • Direction
  • Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Value Proposition
  • Personal Branding
  • Tactical Help (resume development, networking, interviewing, etc.)
  • Interviewing
  • Networking
  • Salary Negotiation

Personal Branding

Competition is tough. There are lots of other highly qualified candidates. You need a clear, simple way to articulate why you’re the best fit for that role at this time—in their world and yours—on paper and in person. Listing your accomplishments is not enough. I’ll help you develop a targeted strategy, with a clearly stated value proposition, that leads potential employers to overlook your competition.

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