Team Performance: Learn To Win Like the Seahawks

I’m no football expert. But when I think about what my clients and their senior teams can learn from Seattle’s win over Denver in the Super Bowl I’d say Richard Sherman and Malcolm Smith, members of the winning Seattle Seahawks, said it all.

When asked about his team’s win Sherman said: “We didn’t out think [Peyton Manning – Denver’s quarterback]. Some guys get too infatuated with trying to change things… trying to play his game. We’re a simple defense. We run a simple scheme. …. We’re just going to try to execute… And today we were able to do that.”

And Smith, talking about key moments in the Seahawks victory, referred to winning plays made by “teammates” working together, an interesting choice instead of naming fellow players by name. “Team” seems to mean “team” as opposed to a group of individual players when the focus is on “teammates” executing what they do best as a team.

If faced with a choice of trying to out-think or out-execute your competition on the field, Seattle’s victory points to the need for your team to execute as consistently as possible on what it does best.

Does your team focus on doing what it does best and on flawless team work? Most teams are losing the high-performance edge that comes from doing these two things well every time.

Do you know how to build a high performing team within your organization? Can you afford to make mistakes that put you further and further behind until it’s too late to recover?

Find out how your business team stacks up to the highest performing business teams now, before it’s too late. Ask me ( about my team assessment and learn how you can build a high performing team.

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